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10 Times Gordon Ramsay Got VERY SICK (Spits Out Food)!

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These 10 Times Gordon Ramsay Got Very Sick & Spits Out Food are so entertaining. In shows like Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, and Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay had to eat some very terrible sick meals, that he had to spit out the food. While most of the time Gordon Ramsay managed to keep down his food, sometimes it just wasn’t possible since he became sick.

Gordon Ramsay’s shows, Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell usually consist of the MasterChef himself, helping out less than stellar restaurants and hotels up their games. Here, you’ll see why places like Bonapartes, Guiseppi’s and more on this list made it unbearable for him to keep down his lunch and dinner. With a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen not doing much better.

Because we are all lovers of Gordon at his most expressive, we tracked down another top 10 times when Gordon Ramsay dramatically spat out food from anger and sickness!

0:24 Nasty Gravy (Kitchen Nightmares - Prohibition Grill)
1:49 Praying over the Chitlins (Kitchen Nightmares - Blackberry's)
3:02 Takeout Room Service (Hotel Hell)
4:14 Troubled Dinner Service (Kitchen Nightmares USA)
5:19 Microwaved Crepe (Kitchen Nightmares)
6:36 Chewy Octopus (Kitchen Nightmares - Guiseppi’s)
7:40 Bacon and Chocolate (Hotel Hell)
8:52 Sushi Pizza (Kitchen Nightmares)
9:54 The Infamous Gumbo (Hell's Kitchen USA S08E01)
10:56 Bad Scallops (Kitchen Nightmares UK S01E01 Bonapartes)

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