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Gordon Ramsay’s BEST Insults!

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Gordon Ramsay is well known for his countless wide array of insults that he constantly hurls at contestants and people on his various shows. For your entertainment, we here at Babble Top have gathered them all and put together a list of Gordon Ramsay’s 15 Best Insults! Enjoy the list! In the culinary world, Gordon Ramsay is a god. His restaurants have been awarded a grand total of 16 Michelin stars, and he’s also one of the biggest and highest paid stars on television. According to Forbes, he made $60 million in 2015 alone. They rank him as the 21st highest-earning celebrity in the world. But what exactly is it that makes Gordon Ramsay so popular? Here’s a hint: it’s not just his food! It’s also his angry, expletive-ridden insults against budding chefs. This may sound awful, but that’s what sells: people love it! TV Guide included Ramsay on their list of The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time, but they meant it in a good way. He’s a likable villain, and his rants are highly entertaining. He tends to get very creative with his invectives. So click that subscribe button and we’ll go down Ramsay’s 15 most searing insults.

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0:27 “Chimi-chuck it in the bin.”
1:09 “You look like you’re just about to lose your virginity.”
2:12 “It’s “bleeping” redder than your beard!”
3:03 “You guys cook like old people “bleep”
3:40 “My gran could do better – and she’s dead!”
4:24 “You “bleeping” donkey.”
5:29 “You’re a “bleeping” disgrace.”
6:51 “bleep” off, you fat, useless sack of “bleeping” Yankee Doodle Dandy “bleep”.
7:46 “This is a really tough decision. Because you’re both “bleep”
8:38 “Like a bison’s “bleep”. What is that “bleep”?
9:27 “Congratulations on the worst dish in this competition so far.”
10:23 “An idiot sandwich.”
11:04 “You surprise me as to how “bleep” you are!”
11:56 “Would you like it whole or diced?”
12:41 “I wouldn’t trust you running a bath, let alone a “bleeping” restaurant.”

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