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ISS Above Featuring live video from NASA's HDEV cameras on board the International Space Station

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The NASA HDEV video stream shows spectacular views of the earth from space whenever the International Space Station is in sunlight - which is about 46 minutes of every 92 minute orbit 24 hours of every day. That means for half of the time the official NASA HDEV video feed is showing nothing but darkness.

This live video stream is a composite feed that incorporates the NASA HDEV video when it is available - and at other times it displays information about the ISS including it's orbit, current crew information and other ISS related news.

The time shown on most of the information screens is Central Time (the Next Pass / Orbit).

For more information about the ISS-Above please visit http://www.issabove.com

*NOTE: NASA does not endorse ISS-Above. This video re-uses the HDEV video stream provided by NASA

NOTES: As of 2/8/18 I'm now simply re-streaming the HDEV video provided by NASA. You will no longer see any other images or vide other than HDEV

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