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There could be another Earth behind the sun | NASA

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Yes, yes, yes There could be another Earth behind the sun

Nibiru Does Exist | Planet X Does Exist

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Yes, yes, yes there could be another Earth behind the sun..... at another orbital position as ours.

The Case for Planet X - Spectre Web © January 2015
More planets exist in the outer solar system. Researchers all over the world have looked for the elusive Planet X or a massive planet beyond the Kuiper belt.

Some Space news websites are portraying this as fresh news but the researchers they are citing, C and R De La Fuente Marcos, published their frist paper about it back in June 2014 shortly after the discovery of 2012 VP113. Why did they wait this long to publish anything about it?

Spectre Web has been following this research closely. After the discovery of 2012 VP113 (Biden) and before it, this research to find Planet X has been revived. But the research was really never dead. This is the idea that some well funded agency astronomers and space website wanted to portray. However, Spectre Web shows the research, by scholar astronomers, has been active all along.
The censorship on the topic of Planet X, autoimposed by a gang of well funded astronomers and memebers of the IAU, has not kept a few brave researchers from looking for Planet X.

Nibiru Planet X Does Exist - The Case For Planet X.


Back in May 2013 Spectre Web published the video and corresponding article entitled, Nibiru Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered. We knew we would cause controversy by using the Nibiru name, but we also explained we were honoring discredited astronomers by using this name. We also promised to follow up, and although it’s been over a year and a half, we deliver. Research takes time, but overall it does pay. https://spectreweb.wordpress.com/2013...

Nibiru or Planet X does exist.

We will show why we make this asseveration.


Carlos De La Fuente, Raúl De La Fuente Marcos, Scott Sheppard, Chad Trujillo, John Matese, Daniel Whitmire, Jack Lissauer, Patrick Whitman, Gomes, Morbidelli, Levison, D. Rabinowits, Michael E. Brown, Robert S. Harrington, Clyde Tombaugh, Percival Lowell

2012 VP113, Eris, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune

Nibiru - Planet X does exist.
Spectre Web
January 2015

Life Beyond Earth, Space Is Alive, Universe, Science research, Ancient Civilisations, Magnetism, Energy Alternatives

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