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WOW Nibiru Guys Were Right. NASA Just Confirmed Its Coming October 12. Its Named 2012 For Real

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WOW Nibiru fears were right: something huge from deep space coming to earth and it is coming closer than distance between New York & Tokyo. Its named 2012 for Real.
We relaxed when 3 miles world killer asteroid Francesca near missed Earth September 1, 2017 when NASA announced that something named 2012 is coming here October 12.
On October 12 New Yorkers will be closer to the object 2012 TC4 than to Tokyo. It will come thousands timers closer to earth than feared Francesca mega asteroid.
Yes, 2012 is smaller than Francesca but it way denser (denser than granite) and moving faster. NASA confirmed probability of impact is 1 in 600.
2012 is thousands times heavier than Chelyabinsk meteorite that devastated Russian city
If makes the closest ever approach to earth of asteroid that size ever recorded by NASA.
Imagine a watermelon (earth) shot with BB gun (2012) - it will penetrate crust into magma - causing magma splash and massive volcanic eruptions.
Now Imagine 2012 landing on Texas October 2017.
October 12, 2017 NASA is holding doomsday exercises because of 2012 but maybe those are not exercises at all but massive preparation of impact of 2012.
If you think it's not significant learn this: 2012 makes closest approach of any large asteroid to Earth ever recorded and probability of impact is 1 in 600 this October.

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